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Twitter awards of 2012

With 2012 coming to an end it is time for the anticipated Twitter awards. The award categories this year include:

• Tech
• Conversation starters
• TV and Movies
• Sports
• Food
• Retweet

Category: Tech
In third place right in front of Skype, is Instagram. Runner up goes to iPhone with At&t taking home to top spot. Unfortunately this first place spot is due to amount of discussion on Twitter as At&t being the ‘worst-rated wireless carrier’. Maybe next time At&t.
Category: Conversation Starters
Runner up in this category goes to #oomf (one of my followers), with #nowplaying taking home to trophy. #blessed rounds out the three with #quote not far behind. Maybe next year #MRKT3311 will earn a spot.
Category: TV and Movies
Thanks to social TV and movie watching this award was an easy one to give away. Family Guy wins top spot followed by Big Brother. American Dad placed third, in front of Hey Arnold and American Idol. Surprisingly the most tweeted about movie of 2012 was Think Like a Man, right in front the of Hunger Games with The Avengers rounding out third place.

Category: Sports
With no big surprise #NFL takes home the cup with #Nascar in second followed by #MLB. #replacementsrefs received an honourable mention with the most tweets in September as well as #Olympics with most tweets in July and August.

Category: Food
Who know people loved pancakes this much. The number one most tweeted about food of 2012 was #IHOP, with #Starbucks in second and #Waffle House in third.

Category: Retweet
Now for the award of the year, most retweeted tweet. The award goes to (drum roll) President Obama’s victory tweet on election night. Not only does this tweet win most retweet tweet of the year, but also takes home the grand prize of most tweet retweeted ever!
Thanks everyone and good night


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