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Has Coca-Cola upped the anti for company website?

According to an article posted on titled ‘Coca-Cola Relaunches Website as Socially Enabled Digital Platform’ Coca-Cola has “revived an internal print magazine in digital form in a relaunch of its website”. Coca-Cola’s new website Coca-Cola Journey is something much different from the typical company website. The website focuses on creating conversation by posting content relating to everything from social causes to company news. According to the article the website content is divided into types such as:

• Stories
• Opinions
• Brands
• Videos
• Blogs
• Business
• Community
• Entertainment
• Environment
• Health
• History
• Innovation
• Sports

The website also includes “hi-res photography, video, and audio” as well as “infographics and a Debate Board, which polls readers on a range of Coke-related topics.”
The website also supports 26 other Coca-Cola products by allowing the user to choose from other Coca-Cola brands and have search them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube right on the website.
The website also supports a blog called Coca-Cola Unbottled. This corporate blog is updates daily and according to Ashley Brown, director of digital communications and social media at the Coca-Cola Company, “a ‘lean forward’ experience that’s updated daily (while) Coca-Cola Journey publishes more in-depth and long form pieces that provide a ‘sit back’ experience.”
Has this rich content, storytelling website design becoming the standard for company website? With everyone jumping on the blogging wagon content marketing has become much more popular and therefore more common. I think Coca-Cola has found a way to re-invent content marketing with this website design and found a way to put themselves above most (dare I say all) company websites.



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