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Managing the Communication Process

What I’ve Learned

Managing the Communication Process has taught me the importance of a company to create and maintain a strong communication strategy that mirrors a companies existing overall corporate strategy. This course gave me the skill set needed to analyze and interpret current communication processes and formulate recommendations for improvement based on the core principles of good communication.

Through out the course I was exposed to the entire process of communication and how to manage it, from the step of creating/executing a creative brief to potential issues management. During the course I looked at all forms of communication, including non-traditional and traditional media and analyzed their specific features and how they communicate tone, message, credibility and reach. Managing the Communication process also allowed me to understand how the channels of communication are changing with technology and how to best utilize the most appropriate forms for separate situations.

Course Work Completed

While completing Managing the Communication Process my team and I reviewed a company’s communication process and made recommendations for improvement based on the skill set we acquired in the course. This project allowed me to see not only how important external communications are, but also how important internal communications are and how the two processes should link together under the corporate strategy.

My team and I also analyzed a number of ad campaigns and how they utilized certain communication tools to broadcast their message. Some of these companies included Starbucks, British Airline and Kellogg’s cereal brand. Through the evaluation of these ads my team and I were able to see how some companies have gone wrong and how they could have improved their communications based on the core principles of communication outlined in the course.

While attending this class I was also able to participate in  a number of debates that discussed modern day issues such as wither or not traditional media was dead, if companies were guilty of ‘Green Washing’ and if food companies are partly responsible for childhood obesity by not communicating the contents of their products. These debates made me very aware of how fast the role of communication is changing and how as a marketer I need to be aware of the changes.

Career Development

While completing this course I was able to obtain a job in the field working as a corporate communications assistant for Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers Canada. The skills I learned in this course allowed me to fully understand the duties of myself and co-workers while working for the company. While working for Ritchie Bros I am able to utilize these skills I have obtained and apply them to a real corporate environment. I look forward to being able to use my skill set and knowledge obtained in Managing the Communication Process to further my career development at Ritchie Bros Auctioneers and else where.


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